Managing a Global Franchise System in the “New” World

The world as we knew it changed drastically with the outbreak of COVID-19. Although nobody knows what the future will bring, most would agree that it will be different, as the impact to both businesses and personal lives has been significant – globally. Continued change in consumer behavior, industries’ structure and competitive landscapes across the global economy are to be expected. The speed and nature of change will depend on many factors, particularly medical advances. W

Beware of an opportunistic approach to international development

If you’re looking to expand your brand overseas right now, consider these key factors when developing your strategic road map. International expansion offers an attractive growth vehicle for many franchised concepts. Even if your home market is a sizeable one, like the U.S.A., it still represents only a fraction of the global economy. As they say, it’s a big world out there. Furthermore, advances in communications and technology have made it easier than ever to expand interna